Social, Educational, Political, Economic and Other Developments Occurred in Turkey between the Years of 1938-1980

Social, Educational, Political, Economic and Other Developments Occurred in Turkey between the Years of 1938-1980
Social, Educational, Political, Economic and Other Developments Occurred in Turkey between the Years of 1938-1980

Editors: Dr. Özkan Akman, Dr. Mustafa Murat Çay, Dr. Fatih Bozbayındır, Dr. Erhan Tunç

Turkey considered the near term, but over the history books but scattered and owned by the 1938-1980 period, based on anecdotal information with the second part begins. In this section, both the ideological orientation of the events and the “ideological” institutions it has created are analyzed in detail. The period of national chief, II. World War and Turkey’s positions, democrat party period, after 1950, the national education guidance and counseling education, public rooms of the establishment and Turkish literacy activities, 1950-1950 spatial distribution and development of Turkey’s industrial investments, 1950-1980 between Turkey’s population policies and structural changes, Turkey’s 1950-1980 period of urbanization to examine the geography of the context of population Dynamics, developments that have occurred in the geographical areas, the developments occurring in the field of sports May, 27, 1960 coup, the newly formed political parties and actors after the 1960 terrorist organizations, Sep. 12, 1980 coup in Turkey between 1938-1980 teacher training policies, the establishment of village institutes and educational activities, advancements made in the field of science education in Turkey have been described in detail by experts in the field will give writers.

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Table of Contents

Establishment of People’s Rooms During the Period of the Republican People’s Party in Turkey and Working Principles of Turkish Literacy Courses
Nuri Yavuz, Özkan Akman, Abdullah Kara

More Info Pages: 1-12

Retrogression of the Turkish-Greek Relationship the Issue of Cyprus and Related Developments (1950-1960)
Mustafa Murat Çay

More Info Pages: 13-32

Development and Spatial Distribution of Industry in Turkey Between the Years 1950-1980
Mehmet Emin Sönmez, Uğurcan Ayik

More Info Pages: 33-59

Developments in the Field of Mathematics and Mathematics Education in Turkey During the Period of 1938-1980
Ali Bozkurt, Emrah Berkant Patoglu

More Info Pages: 60-70

Developments in the Geography Area
Ali Meydan, Özkan Akman

More Info Pages: 71-80

The Change and Development Process in Turkish Sports With The Law No 3530 (1938-1986)
Uğur Abakay, Fikret Alıncak

More Info Pages: 81-86

Parties Established in Turkey After 1960 and Their Actors
Mehmet Biçici

More Info Pages: 87-113

Geographical Dynamics of the 1950-1980 Period in Turkey Urbanization
Ömer Şen

More Info Pages: 114-128

Foundation of the Terrorist Organization Revolutionary People's Party-Front (Dhkp-C) and Its Destructive Activities
Sefa Salih Aydemir

More Info Pages: 129-147

Teacher Training Policies in Turkey Between 1938 and 1982
Fatih Bozbayındır

More Info Pages: 148-173

An Outline of Turkish Foreign Policy During the Years of WWII
Mustafa Murat Çay

More Info Pages: 174-194

II.nd World War and Turkish Economy
Levent Yıkıcı

More Info Pages: 195-201

Cyprus Issue and the Approach of European States in the Historical Development of Turkish-Greek Relations
Kürşat Kurtulgan

More Info Pages: 202-212

The Establishment of Village Institutes and Their Educational Activities
Özkan Akman, Ali Meydan

More Info Pages: 213-221

The Coup of 27 May 1960
Özlem Muraz Budak

More Info Pages: 222-233

Between the Years 1938-1980 Historical Development of Education Guidance Services in Turkey
Erhan Tunç, Ayrahat Hudaynazarova

More Info Pages: 234-245

Developments in the Field of Science Education in Turkey That Took Place Between 1938-1980
Sümeyye Aydin Gürler

More Info Pages: 246-269

Development of Social Studies in Turkey from 1938 to 1980
Selman Ablak

More Info Pages: 270-285

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