Current Studies in Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology 2021

Current Studies in Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology 2021
Current Studies in Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology 2021

Editors: Dr. Mehmet Ozaslan Dr. Yasmeen Junejo

Current Studies in Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology 2021 is published annually from the selected papers invited by the editors. This edition includes 6 sections and 21 papers from the field of Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology & Life sciences. All submissions are reviewed by at least two international reviewers. The purpose of the book is to provide the readers with the opportunity of a scholarly refereed publication in the field of Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology. Current Studies in Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology 2021 is published by ISRES Publishing.

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Table of Contents

Augmented Reality and Application Areas
Yusuf Uzun, M. Hanefi Calp, Resul Butuner

More Info Pages: 2-18

Wearable Technology
Yasemen Ince Keser, Tuba Babaoglu

More Info Pages: 19-31

Wireless Sensor Networks Technology
Tarik Unlu, Fatih Bascıftcı, Naim Karasekreter

More Info Pages: 32-41

Agricultural Technologies
Ramazan Kursun, Mustafa Buber

More Info Pages: 42-59

Blockchain Technology, Challenges and Current Developments
M. Hanef Calp, Yusuf Uzun, Resul Butuner

More Info Pages: 60-69

Data Resources and Machine Learning for Transcriptomics Data Analysis
Bahar Tercan, Asim Leblebici

More Info Pages: 70-85

Video Adaptation Concept for Universal Access
Gokce Nur Yılmaz, Yucel Cimtay

More Info Pages: 86-93

The Effects of Artifcial Intelligence on Industry: Industry 4.0
Serkan Savas

More Info Pages: 95-106

Artifcial Intelligence Applications in Engineering
Ilkay Cinar, Yavuz Selim Taspinar, Murat Koklu

More Info Pages: 107-125

Continued Fractions and Pell’s Equation
Bilge Peker

More Info Pages: 127-142

An Introduction to Padé Approximation
Haldun Alpaslan Peker

More Info Pages: 143-155

Synthesis of Triazole Compounds
Onur Akyıldırım, Murat Beytur

More Info Pages: 157-173

Thiadiazoles and Their Properties
Murat Beytur, Onur Akyildirim

More Info Pages: 174-189

Direct Energy Convertion: Thermoelectricity
Mehmet Okan Erdal

More Info Pages: 191-197

Summary Review on the Early History of the Semiconductor
Ali Akbar Hussaini, Murat Yildirim

More Info Pages: 198-208

Non-Coding RNAs in Autophagy Regulation
Yunus Sahin, Zekiye Altan

More Info Pages: 210-222

Plant Tissues
Solmaz Aydin Beytur, Cansu Beytur

More Info Pages: 223-234

Molecular and Cytogenetical Studies in Iraq
Ishtar Imad Almatlob

More Info Pages: 235-241

Personalised Medicine/Drugs
Ridwan Abiodun Lawal

More Info Pages: 242-249

Biological Fertilization and its Effect on Selected Aromatic Plants
Baraa Almansour

More Info Pages: 250-275

Covid-19 Variants and Vaccines: An Overview
Mohamed Akram Khelili, Sihem Slatnia, Okba Kazar

More Info Pages: 276-288

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