Social, Educational, Political, Economic and Other Developments Occurred in Turkey Between the Years of 1923-1938

Social, Educational, Political, Economic and Other Developments Occurred in Turkey Between the Years of 1923-1938
Social, Educational, Political, Economic and Other Developments Occurred in Turkey Between the Years of 1923-1938

Editors: Dr. Özkan Akman, Dr. Mustafa Murat Çay, Dr. Fatih Bozbayındır

Turkey in 1923 and the period between the years 1938 to think about when analyzing as Turkey, especially during and after the proclamation of the Republic is necessary to examine the period up to Atatürk’s death. When we first look at the events in this process in chronological order; It is necessary to examine the revolutions made since 1923 before the establishment of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Because the decisions taken in the Parliament affected the following years. The applications show that a planned plan is carried out step by step by considering the political balances. In any case, politics is the method followed in order to reach a goal with the simplest expression. no doubt the world has also been influenced by political developments in Turkey’s domestic political conditions there. This is a natural process. New Turkey since Ataturk shaping the country as much as possible by planning a modern Turkey, unlike all the institutions have been thinking about him apart from the world to integrate with internal politics and economic stability have also worked together to execute. While making these changes, radical changes have been made in many respects, Revolution movements have been implemented within a certain line of logic and these changes have been realized despite the existence of those who oppose the change. The period between 1923 and 1938 has been based on the principles of Republicanism, Nationalism, Populism, Statism, Secularism and Revolutionism. The changes made by taking into consideration these principles have caused the reaction of those who oppose the change and these reactions have emerged as the resistance against the ones that are often wanted to be done. This resistance sometimes occurred in the form of insurrection, and sometimes attempted to assassinate himself. However, in spite of all these difficulties, they were all overcome. This book prepared by the experts of their field; between the years of 1923-1938 in Turkey he has tried to explain the events occurring in some but not all of them.

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Table of Contents

3 March 1924 Tevhid Tedrisat Law and Requirements
Özkan Akman, Ali Meydan

More Info Pages: 6-21

Constitutional Changes in the Republic of Turkey, and the Law of Teşkilat-ı Esasiye Dated from April 1924
Mustafa Murat Çay

More Info Pages: 22-41

The Closure of the Sharia Courts
Macit Akman

More Info Pages: 42-56

Multi-Party Life Transition Experiments in the Turkish Republic (1925-1930)
Mustafa Murat Çay

More Info Pages: 57-88

Teacher Training Policies During the Period of Atatürk (1923-1938)
Fatih Bozbayındır

More Info Pages: 89-112

Closing the Madrasas
Sefa Salih Aydemir

More Info Pages: 113-125

Implementation of Alphabet and Language Revolution and It’s Potential Impacts in Historical Process
Zafer Tangülü, Alev Duran

More Info Pages: 126-138

Removal of the Statement “The State’s Religion is Islam” form the Constitution in 1928
Mehmet Biçici

More Info Pages: 139-149

Historical Development of Life Science Course Between 1923-1938
Yavuz Topkaya, Durmus Burak, Kerem Coskun

More Info Pages: 150-161

Institutional Approaches to Sports in Turkey Between the Years 1922-1938
Uğur Abakay, Fikret Alıncak

More Info Pages: 162-171

Enactment of Civil Law (1926)
Kürşat Kurtulgan

More Info Pages: 172-180

Developments in the Geography of 1923-1938
Ali Meydan, Özkan Akman

More Info Pages: 181-190

Industrial Entrepreneurs and Their Geographical Distribution in the First Years of the Republic
Mehmet Emin Sönmez, Uğurcan Ayık

More Info Pages: 191-206

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