Essentials of Foreign Language Teacher Education

Essentials of Foreign Language Teacher Education
Essentials of Foreign Language Teacher Education

Editors: Dr. Ahmet Önal, Dr. Kağan Büyükkarcı

Essentials of Foreign Language Teacher Education has been published from the selected papers invited by the editors.

The book includes 15 chapters from the fields of Linguistics, Semiotics, Cultural Dimension of Foreign Language Teaching, Foreign Language Teacher Education, Testing and Assessment, Foreign Language Teacher Education Programs and Accreditation in Foreign Language Education.

All submissions are reviewed by at least two international reviewers.

The book aims to provide its readers (including scholars in the field of English Language Teaching, pre-service and in-service English language teachers as well as post-graduate students) with the essential components of foreign language teacher education.

Essentials of Foreign Language Teacher Education is published by ISRES Publishing.

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Table of Contents

A Brief Historical Overview of Language Discussions: From Shades on a Cave Wall to Minimalism and the FOXP2 Gene
İhsan Ünaldı, Mehmet Bardakçı

More Info Pages: 1-19

Applied Semiotics: Interpretation of Space in Literary Narratives
Murat Kalelioğlu

More Info Pages: 22-41

Corpus Studies and ELT
Semra Onay Taş Nazlı Baykal

More Info Pages: 43-61

How to Use Corpora in Language Teaching for Vocabulary Enhancement
Nihan Erdemir, Sabahattin Yeşilçınar

More Info Pages: 64-85

The Role of Culture in Teaching English: Significance and Approaches
Hayriye Avara

More Info Pages: 88-108

Assessment of Intercultural Communicative Competence in Higher Education Contexts: A Systematic Review
Derya Coşkun

More Info Pages: 110-133

A Systematic Synthesis of the Academic Studies that Examined the English Language Speaking Anxiety
Namık Ülkersoy, Basri Şimşek

More Info Pages: 135-170

Pre-service English Teachers’ Emergency Remote Microteaching Experiences and Adjustments: Growing Gains and Lessening Pains
Ali Karakaş, Yusuf Emre Yeşilyurt, Ecehan Candan

More Info Pages: 173-195

Challanges of Measurement in Foreign Language Education
İdil Sayın

More Info Pages: 199-208

Teaching and Assessing Speaking
Ahmet Önal

More Info Pages: 210-222

A Useful Assessment Tool: Rubrics in Second / Foreign Language Classrooms
Devrim Höl

More Info Pages: 224-242

Active Learning in EFL Classroom: Tips and Techniques for EFL Pre-service and In-service Teachers
Rümeysa Pektaş

More Info Pages: 244-262

Integration of an Action Research Course into the ELT Programs: Why and How?
Semin Kazazoğlu, Oya Tunaboylu

More Info Pages: 264-275

You Are How You’re Trained at College: Remarks on the English Language Teacher Preparation Programs in Türkiye
Oya Tunaboylu, Havva Pehlivan

More Info Pages: 278-292

Accreditation as Transparent Standards in Foreign Language Education
Ayfer Su Bergil

More Info Pages: 296-316

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