Current Studies in Foreign Language Education

Current Studies in Foreign Language Education
Current Studies in Foreign Language Education

Editors: Dr. Ahmet Önal, Dr. Kağan Büyükkarcı

‘Current Studies in Foreign Language Education’, this comprehensive volume offers an insightful exploration of the dynamic and evolving landscape of foreign language education by touching upon the challenges, innovations, and strategies shaping the field today.

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Table of Contents

Theory And Practice: Literary Semiotics and Text Analysis
Murat Kaleli̇oğlu, Hilal Yurtseven

More Info Pages: 1-33

The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Philology and Translation: An In-depth Analysis of Educational Services
Svitlana Tezi̇kova, Valentyna Slyvka, Maryna Nahach, Tetiana Mi̇shchenko

More Info Pages: 34-58

Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Elt Methodology: A Focus on Effective Session Design
Viktoriia Smeli̇anska, Olga Ponomarenko, Yevhen Plotni̇kov

More Info Pages: 59-75

Employing Storytelling as a Pedagogical Strategy in EFL Classroom
Hayriye Avara

More Info Pages: 76-97

Teacher Research Engagement in English Language Teaching
Derya Coşkun

More Info Pages: 98-120

Towards Learner Autonomy: Ways to Design Language Courses
Eda Ercan Demirel

More Info Pages: 121-143

Delving Into the Mindfulness: a Window of Opportunity for Efl Preserviceinservice Teachers in Türkiye
Rümeysa Pektaş

More Info Pages: 144-169

Teacher Educators’ Perspectives on the 2018 English Language Teacher Education Program
Ali Ersoy, Ali Karakaş

More Info Pages: 170-199

Call for Buildıng Inclusive Pedagogical Competencies in Efl Teacher Education Amidst Global and Local Changes
Ayfer Su-Bergil

More Info Pages: 200-233

Promoting Intercultural Communication and Authentic Language Practice Among Efl Learners: Virtual Exchange and Global Citizenship Education
Samed Yasin Öztürk

More Info Pages: 234-257

The Way to the Classroom: Efl Preservice Teachers’ School Experience
Olga Ponomarenko, Olena Davydenko, Olena Taran

More Info Pages: 258-279

From Confusion to Clarity: the Role of Academic Advising in Supporting Student Engagement and Success
Liudmyla Andruschenko, Svitlana Tezi̇kova

More Info Pages: 280-298

Effective Professional Development Activities: A Proposal
Oya Tunaboylu

More Info Pages: 299-313

MALL (Mobile Assisted Language Learning) in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Context
Yusuf Kasımi

More Info Pages: 314-337

Standardized English Language Proficiency Tests for Young Learners: An Overview
Devrim Höl, Şerife Fidan

More Info Pages: 338-364

The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Transforming Foreign Language Education: Trends, Applications, and Ethical Considerations
Yusuf Emre Yeşilyurt

More Info Pages: 365-382

Current Views and Practices in Teaching Pragmatics
Dilara Somuncu, Mehmet Bardakçı

More Info Pages: 383-403

Multimedia, Humor and Language Learning: Changing Roles and Perspectives
İhsan Ünaldı, Mehmet Bardakçı

More Info Pages: 404-422

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