Current Studies in Healthcare and Technology

Current Studies in Healthcare and Technology
Current Studies in Healthcare and Technology

Editors: Sukru Nail GUNER, Yusuf UZUN, Ibrahim CETIN

Technology is radically changing our actions and habits in every aspect of life. Health and technology form one of the most exciting alliances of humanity’s evolutionary journey. The meeting of these two fields profoundly affects every aspect of human life and reshapes the service provided by healthcare disciplines. Especially the fact that the development process in information technologies is at a leap point and the internet has become more accessible to everyone, carries R&D and service activities in the field of health to a new dimension. In this book, written by academics with significant field knowledge in their field, we will explore the challenges and opportunities encountered in the use of technology in healthcare services. In the book, we cover issues such as accessibility of healthcare services in the context of technology, reflection of new approaches to practice, and artificial intelligence support. Additionally, we discuss ethical issues and various risks. When the authorship of the work is examined, it can be easily seen that this book was written with a multidisciplinary approach. We believe that the same understanding will be effective in developing services and products in health care. The book you have in your hand is a product of this understanding. We would like to thank all our contributing authors and hope that it will be useful to all readers.

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Table of Contents

Current Approaches in Clinical Practice in Nursing Education
Dilek AYGIN, Hande Cengiz ACIL, Ayse CELIK YILMAZ, Ozge YAMAN, Aysel GUL

More Info Pages: 1-18

Digital Transformation in Improving Elderly Health with a Nursing Perspective: Artificial Intelligence Interventions

More Info Pages: 19–32

Mobile/Web-Based Applications in Healthcare

More Info Pages: 33-48

Ethics in Health Technologies
Serpil SU, Kubra Nur KOSE ALABAY

More Info Pages: 49-58

Multi Organ Segmentation in Medical images
Beyza KAYHAN, Sait Ali UYMAZ

More Info Pages: 59-72

Diagnosis of COVID-19 from 3D Medical Images using Deep Learning Approaches
Seda UYMAZ, Oguzhan UYMAZ, Ersin KAYA

More Info Pages: 73-87

Technological Applications in Health Promotion
Kader MERT, Kubra Pinar GURKAN

More Info Pages: 88-101

Use of Technology in Surgical Nursing

More Info Pages: 102-115

Telehealth and its Place in Primary Care
Serap BATI

More Info Pages: 116-125

Analysis of Patient Emotions by Deep Learning Approach
Fatma Nur UZUN, Yusuf UZUN

More Info Pages: 126-138

Web-Based Apps and Augmented/Virtual Reality for Anatomy Learning

More Info Pages: 139-152

Biosensor Technologies in the Context of Medical Physiology
Fatma Nur TAKI

More Info Pages: 153-168

Use Of Digital Technology In Health Care For Children
Isil AR, Aysegul SIMSEK

More Info Pages: 169-179

The Use of Technology in Health Research

More Info Pages: 180-194

Health and Technology
Mehmet KENAN, M. Erkam YUKSEK

More Info Pages: 195-202

Neurosurgical Techniques and Training in Three-Dimensional Models
Densel ARAC, M. Erkam YUKSEK

More Info Pages: 203-217

Current Technological Approaches in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

More Info Pages: 218-237

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