Play in Early Childhood

Education, Social, Health and Political Developments in Turkey Between 2000-2020

Editors: Özkan Akman, Faysal Okan Atasoy, Tahir Gür

Education, Social, Health and Political Developments in Turkey Between 2000-2020


Play in Early Childhood

Chapter Authors: Gülhan Köçer

Pages: 3-33

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Play in Early Childhood
Gülhan Köçer

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Developments in the Field of Mathematics and Mathematics Education in Turkey Between the Years 2000-2020
Ali Bozkurt, Emrah Berkant Patoğlu, Eyüp Cücük

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Development of Social Studies Course in Turkey: 2000-2020 Period
Selman Ablak, Sümeyye Gülcan Yıldırım

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The Place of Game in Primary School Mathematics Teaching and Digital Game Tools
Ayşegül Büyükkarcı

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Problem Solving Behaviors, Attachment Styles and Emotion Regulation in Romantic Relationships
Nurten Tosun, Ezgi Ulu, Suzan Aslan, Erhan Tunç

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Problematic Internet Use in Married Individuals
Gülşah Candemir, Erhan Tunç

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Paradigm Change in Career Counseling in Turkey
Yasemin Kaygas, Ayrahat Hudaynazarova

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Developments in The Area of Turkish Education After 2000’s
Cafer Çarkıt, Halil İbrahim Bahadır

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Concept Learning and Teaching in Social Studies
Vural Tünkler

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Out-Of-School Learning Environments in The Context of Social Studies Teaching
Çiğdem Kozaner Yenigül

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The Cultural Function of The Life Sciences Course in The 2000’s
Emrullah Akcan

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Transition to Secondary Education in Turkey Over 20 Years and Its Reflection on Mathematics Questions
Bilge Peker, Naci Küçükgençay

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Developments in The Field of Science Education in Turkey Between 2000-2020
Sümeyye Aydın Gürler

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How Was Education Affected by The Covid-19 Pandemic in The World and in Turkey?
Hüseyin Karaaslan

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Social Studies Course and The Environmental Education
Fatma Özge Bayram

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July 15 Coup Attempt and FETÖ Terrorist Organization
Rafet Metin

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International Organisations in Terms of Their Approach to Turkey And Muhsin Yazicioğlu’s Multinational Project in The 2000s: Caspian Common Union
Levent Yıkıcı

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Turkey's Energy Sector Outlook for The Period 2000-2020
Orhan Ecemiş

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Development of Health Infrastructure in Turkey Between 2000-2020
Metehan Yaykaşlı

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An Intertextual Approach to Fear in Franz Kafka’s Story the Burrow and Oğuz Atay's Story Korkuyu Beklerken
Yasemin Bayraktar

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