Metaphorical Images of Pre-service Teachers in “Nasreddin Hodja-Child-Anecdote” Triad

Research Highlights in Education and Science 2019

Editors: Dr. Wenxia Wu, Dr. Selahattin Alan

Research Highlights in Education and Science 2019


Metaphorical Images of Pre-service Teachers in “Nasreddin Hodja-Child-Anecdote” Triad

Chapter Authors: Abdulkadir Kabadayi

Pages: 85-98

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From Prof(Essional) to Prof(Essor): Best Practices for Transitioning from Environmental Journalism and Environmental Communication to Academia
Mark Neuzil, Eric Freedman, Bruno Takahashi, Katherine Habrel

More Info Pages: 2-14

Embedding Formative Assessment in Inquiry-Based Learning
Simay Koksalan, Feral Ogan-Bekiroglu

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Effect of Coding and Robotic Coding Training on Students
Resul Butuner

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STEAM Education for Students with Specific Learning Disorders
Muhammad Zayyad

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A Collaborative Model for Training Teachers to Use Graphing Calculators
Francesco Bologna, Enrico Rogora, Ilaria Veronesi

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Mathematical Knowledge in the Acquisition of Skills in Data Analysis, Catering, and Fashion Designing
Nizoloman Nabhel Odual, Toinpre Mercy Fredrick-Jonah

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Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning in Citizenship Education in Japanese Junior High Schools
Ferdinand Pol Laurel Martin

More Info Pages: 65-84

Metaphorical Images of Pre-service Teachers in “Nasreddin Hodja-Child-Anecdote” Triad
Abdulkadir Kabadayi

More Info Pages: 85-98

Strengthening Inferences in Quantitative Education Studies Conducted by Novice Researchers: Capitalizing on Standards for Sampling, Research Design, and Instrumentation
Mohammed A. A. Abulela, Michael Harwell

More Info Pages: 99-130

Relationship between Librarians and Institutional Management: Funding Perspective
Janet Onomeh Ubogu

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How does Immigration Background Affect Secondary School Performance: The Analysis of OECD-PISAData in 6 EU Countries
Erhan Ozdemir

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Don’t Tell Me Fairytales: Disinformatzya, Trolls, Fake News
Naciye Guliz Ugur, Merve Turkmen Barutcu

More Info Pages: 149-160

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