Coding with BBC Mikro:Bit

Programmable Smart Microcontoller Cards

Editors: Sabri Kocer, Ozgur Dundar, Resul Butuner

Programmable Smart Microcontoller Cards


Coding with BBC Mikro:Bit

Chapter Authors: Zeynep Saglam, Rumeysa Erdogan

Pages: 19-33

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Arduino Microcontroller Card
Resul Butuner, Yusuf Uzun

More Info Pages: 1-18

Coding with BBC Mikro:Bit
Zeynep Saglam, Rumeysa Erdogan

More Info Pages: 19-33

Raspberry Pi and Models
Yusuf Uzun, Ozgur Dundar

More Info Pages: 34-49

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
Ozgur Dundar, Sabri Kocer

More Info Pages: 50-66

Mohammed H. Ibrahim

More Info Pages: 67-81

Nvidia Jetson Nano Development Kit
Fatma Nur Uzun, Mehmet Kayrıcı, Beyzanur Akkuzu

More Info Pages: 82-96

Mehmet Kayrıcı, Ahmet Esref Arıkan, Merve Hatipoglu

More Info Pages: 97-109

ESP8266 and ESP32 Series of SoC Microcontrollers
Hakkı Soy

More Info Pages: 110-125

Pic Microcontroller
Sabri Kocer, Resul Butuner

More Info Pages: 126-148

Tarik Unlu, Zeki Kucukkara, Orhan Ozyurt

More Info Pages: 149-162

The LilyPad Arduino
Hakan Yuksel

More Info Pages: 163-178

Field Programmable Gate Array
Muhammed Fahri Unlersen

More Info Pages: 179-207

Deneyap Card
Resul Butuner, M. Hanefi Calp

More Info Pages: 208-217

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