Adaptive Learning Systems in Mathematics Classrooms

Education Research Highlights in Mathematics, Science and Technology 2018

Editors: Dr. Mack Shelley, Dr. S. Ahmet Kiray

Education Research Highlights in Mathematics, Science and Technology 2018


Adaptive Learning Systems in Mathematics Classrooms

Chapter Authors: Jørgen Sjaastad, Cathrine Tømte

Pages: 30-46

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Classroom Assessment of Mathematical Modeling Tasks
Reuben S. Asempapa, Gregory D. Foley

More Info Pages: 6-20

Models of the Mathematical Curriculum for the VI Middle School Grade Developed in B&H, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia
Radoslav Božić, Amor Hasić, Daniel A. Romano

More Info Pages: 21-29

Adaptive Learning Systems in Mathematics Classrooms
Jørgen Sjaastad, Cathrine Tømte

More Info Pages: 30-46

The Power of Inductive Reasoning in Mathematics Competitions
Xiao-Feng Kenan Kok

More Info Pages: 47-55

Social Interactions in an Online Environment: Developing Mathematical Process Standards
Samuel K. Gedeborg, Colleen M. Bye

More Info Pages: 56-65

Smart City Applications in Turkey
Murat Dener

More Info Pages: 67-75

Educational Technology in Classroom: A Cross Country Comparison
Naciye Guliz Ugur, Burcak Basak

More Info Pages: 76-86

STEM Integrations and Teachers’ Role in This Process
Feral Ogan-Bekiroglu, Fatma Caner

More Info Pages: 87-93

Integration of Transdisciplinary STEM Approach to Single Discipline-Based National Education Systems
Mustafa Hilmi Colakoglu

More Info Pages: 94-112

Lessons from a First Year Lab: Constructing a Successful Virtual Environment in an Institute of Higher Education
Kate D. Simmons, Amelia Padgett, Tami Shelley

More Info Pages: 113-121

Competency-Based Education in Science Teacher Education: The Next Disruptive Innovation or the Next Disruption?
Leonard Annetta, Whitney Keaton, Marina Shapiro, Jennifer Burch

More Info Pages: 123-140

Historical Development of Laboratory in the Elementary School Science Program in Turkey
Cemil Aydogdu

More Info Pages: 141-174

Redefining Multicultural Science Education and Adopting Indigenous Science as “Classroom Science”
Jun Karren V. Caparoso, Bill Atweh

More Info Pages: 175-185

Sustainable Development from Past to Present
Ayse Ceren Atmaca, Seyit Ahmet Kiray, Mustafa Pehlivan

More Info Pages: 186-214

The Importance of Multiple Representations for Teaching and Learning Science
David F. Treagust

More Info Pages: 215-223

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